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So yeah, here are my drawings and poems :

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1. Choose your favorite OC

2. Answer the questions in character on how you think they'd react!

3. Tag your friends!

Favorite OC: Hmm..... difficult question...... but I'm gonna choose Hrafn :3  (those that don't know him, I'll be happy to introduce you to him~)

1.) Their pet goldfish dies: "...whoops, that didn't go as planned.... oh well"

2.) A robber as broken into their house while they are home!: "Hello stranger~ I assure you, there's nothing of interest here~ But I'm kind of short on money so I'll help you~ =D"

3.) A random person gives your OC a hug!: "Oh hello~ *hugs back* =D yay"

4.) Some idiot has challenged your OC to a bar fight!: "Hmm....sure, I'm drunk enough~ =D LET'S RUMBLE"

5.) Your OC has stumbled upon a basket of abandoned, adorable kittens!: " *stares at them for about 5 minutes* ....I'm gonna take you little things home with me~ ....wonder how Dane will react..... we'll see, I guess =D "

6.) Your OC is faced with their worst fear!:  *internally panics and screams* ".....brothers" *is trembling slightly but shows no emotions on his face* 

7.) Someone has made your OC's favorite food for dinner!: "For me~? Awwww, thank you so much~ <3 " *hugs and kisses the person*

8.) Your OC witnesses someone being beaten up and robbed! What does your OC do about it?: "Mind if I help~?" *looks at the person being robbed while taking the thing the robber took from the person and then punches the robber in the solar plexus*

9.) Sees a defenseless person being chased by a monster. What does your OC do?: ".....welp.... guess I'll try to help....but I'm gonna call Týr to check if he can help me or knows of a weak spot on the monster that will kill it :3 "

10.) A invading army is setting siege on the city your OC is staying at. What does your OC do?: *casually continues his life without being affected by the army*

11.) Your OC sees that their crush or significant other is being Bullied. What do they do about it?: "Well....if he's not defending himself or anything like that, which I doubt, I'll eat the person =D"

12.) Your OC is dungeon crawling with some friends and ends up falling through a trap door! Your OC then finds themselves in a torture chamber!: "Oooohh~ what interesting equipment.... wonder if I should take some with me to take to Týr and ask them about it.... yeah, gonna do that "  *starts hauling some of the equipment out of the dungeon*

13.) Someone has stolen your OC's cookies!: "...... MY COOKIIIIIEEEEEES D="

14.) Your OC catches their crush or significant other in bed with someone else!: "if it's early in the relationship" *freezes in the door  and stares at Dane then the person and back at Dane again, then goes berserk (aka, his raven monster form)*  "if they've been together for a long time* "Unless I've done something really serious to piss him off or hurt him, then I highly doubt he'd do that to me."

15.) OC's best friend is sick with a cold.: "Well... I don't really have a best friend... but if Týr went sick...I highly doubt he would. And if Fosti or Dane are sick, then I'll just try my best to nurse them to health~ =D
16.) One of your OC's friends has stolen your OC's clothing while they were taking a bath in a lake! Your OC doesn't have any clothes!: "Guess I'll be wearing my birthday suit today~ =D" *starts prancing around naked without feeling any shame* 

17.) Its Christmas day and your OC finds coal in their stocking.: "I don't celebrate that useless holiday :P Never had and probably never will.....except to give Dane something :3 that's the only exception"

18.) The Zombies are attacking!: ".....Týr? Did you have anything to do with this?"  *but transforms into a raven and settles himself somewhere high up to avoid danger*

19.) Your OC gets handcuffed to their worst enemy.: (that would be one of his older brothers) *internally screams and tries to get loose and ends up dislocating his wrist and injuring his hand severely in his panic to get the f**k away*

20.) Your OC finds themselves in a haunted house!: "Ohhh~ this seems like fun~ =D"

21.) Your OC has received a nasty flesh wound from battle!: *shrugs* "It'll heal in no time~"

22.) Someone gross looking is hitting on your OC.: *flirst back for a bit* "And sorry sweaty, I already have a boyfriend. But I'm still flattered that you'd be interested in me~"  *hugs the person then walks away, but waves bye first*

23.) Someone very important to your OC has just died.: "..." *breaks down and cries, will refuse to eat or do anything for around a month or more*

24.) Your OC gets challenged to a drinking game!: "Oh, it's on buddy!"

25.) You get to meet your OC! How would they react to meeting you?: (....not sure if he'll hate me or just tolerate me :I)

(Extra:  Dane: is Hrafn's boyfriend.    Týr: Is Hrafn's foster father.  (Dane and Týr are Mansym's oc's)    Frosti: Is Hrafn's younger half brother (is mine))
That's all! Tag your friends!






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And also to find more people to rp with~ :D

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